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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
-Epidemiology of infectious disease: the example of measlesBlack, Francis L.; Pinheiro, Francisco P.; Hierholzer, Walter J.; Lee, Richard accessArticle
1974Influenza in an isolated population in the AmazonNapiorkowski, Patricia A.; Black, Francis accessArticle
1978A novel pattern of treponemal antibody distribution in isolated South American Indian populationsLee, Richard V.; Black, Francis L.; Hierholzer, Walter J.; West, Berniceopen accessArticle
1980Restriction and persistence of polymorphisms of HLA and other blood genetic traits in the Parakanã Indians of BrazilBlack, Francis L.; Salzano, Francisco M.; Layrisse, Zulay; Franco, M. Helena L. P.; Harris, Nancy S.; Weimer, Tania A.restricted accessArticle
1997Tracing prehistoric migrations by the viruses they carry: human T-cell lymphotropic viruses as markers of ethnic relationshipsBlack, Francis L.-Article