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2010Cytokine genes are associated with tuberculin skin test response in a native Brazilian populationZembrzuski, Verônica M.; Basta, Paulo Cesar; Callegari-Jacques, S. M.; Santos, Ricardo Ventura; Coimbra Junior, Carlos Everaldo Alvares; Salzano, Francisco M.; Hutz, Mara accessArticle
2016Factors associated with anti-TB drug-induced hepatotoxicity and genetic polymorphisms in indigenous and non-indigenous populations in BrazilHeinrich, Melissa M.; Zembrzuski, Verônica M.; Ota, Marcos M.; Sacchi, Flavia P.; Teixeira, Raquel L. F.; Cabello Acero, Pedro H.; Cunha, Geraldo Marcelo; Souza-Santos, Reinaldo; Croda, Julio; Basta, Paulo accessArticle