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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)CopyrightType
1996Diabetes mellitus type II emergency among the XavantesVieira Filho, João Paulo B.restricted accessArticle
1979Determination of serum levels of thyroxine, triiodothyronine, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone of Xikrin and Surui IndiansVieira Filho, João Paulo B.; Vieira, J. G.; Russo, E. M.closed accessArticle
2019A luta dos povos indígenas por saúde em contextos de conflitos ambientais no Brasil (1999-2014)Rocha, Diogo Ferreira da; Porto, Marcela Firpo de Souza; Pacheco, Tâniaopen accessArticle
1991Postmarital Residence and Within-Sex Genetic Diversity among the Urubu-Ka'apor Indians, Brazilian AmazonAguiar, Gilberto F. Souza; Neves, Walter A.closed accessArticle
2001Measles vaccine coverage and immune response in children of Caiabi and Metuktire Indian tribes living in malarial endemic area: Parque indígena do Xingu, Central BrazilSpindel, R.; Baruzzi, R. G.; Souza, V. A.; Ferreira, A. W.; Avila, S. L.restricted access-
1993Rhinovirus antibodies in an isolated Amazon Indian tribeThwing, Curtis J.; Arruda, Eurico; Vieira Filho, João Paulo B.; Castelo Filho, Adauto; Gwaltney, Jack M.restricted access-
1972New contributions to the studies of the palmar characteristics of the Xikrin indiansVieira Filho, João Paulo B.closed access-
1974Considerations in the incidence of diabetes mellitus among the American IndiansVieira Filho, João Paulo accessArticle
1981Goiter among Brazilian IndiansVieira Filho, João Paulo B.closed access-
1976Male pseudo-hermaphroditism among Indians from UaçáVieira Filho, João Paulo B.closed access-