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Title: COVID-19 in the Indigenous Population of Brazil
Authors: Palamim, Camila Vantini Capasso
Ortega, Manoela Marques
Marson, Fernando Augusto Lima
Abstract: Brazil has 896,917 Indigenous individuals distributed among 505 Indigenous lands. There are 274 different Indigenous languages within 305 Indigenous ethnic groups. The Indigenous population is susceptible to pandemics, especially to the current pandemic of COVID-19, which has spread rapidly. In Brazil, after the first COVID-19-confirmed Indigenous case on 05th June 2020, more 420 suspected cases, 1727 confirmed cases being 934 active cases, 715 cases with clinical cure, and 70 cases of death were accounted through the first week of June. The number of cases is underestimated, according to the Special Secretariat for Indigenous Health (SESAI) database, since the deaths are due to respiratory failure, possibly caused by COVID-19, but not confirmed. The first COVID-19-caused death was a 15-year-old Indigenous Yanomami teenage from Roraima State without known previous diseases history and/or comorbidities. In the present study, the importance of social isolation, especially for Indigenous people who are more vulnerable to the COVID-19, was highlighted by the identification of the infection community. An Indigenous of the Kokama ethnicity was infected after coming in contact with a Medical Doctor who was infected with the disease. Later, it was noticed that both, Indigenous and doctor, were responsible for COVID-19’s transmission to 43 other Indigenous individuals (30 in Alto Rio Solimões and 13 in Parintis), causing possibly other confirmed deaths. The impact of COVID-19 for Indigenous population might be an unprecedented tragedy, and the government in Brazil must take emergency measures as the social isolation
Keywords: Brazil
Health of Indigenous Peoples
Indians, South American
Social Science
DeCS: Brasil
Índios Sul-Americanos
Saúde de Populações Indígenas
Infecções por Coronavirus
Transmissão de Doenças Infecciosas
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Palamim, C.V.C., Ortega, M.M. & Marson, F.A.L. COVID-19 in the Indigenous Population of Brazil. J. Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities v. 7, p.1053–1058, 2020.
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: 10.1007/s40615-020-00885-6
ISSN: 2197-3792, 2196-8837
Copyright: open access
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