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Title: Health Risk Assessment of Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption in Munduruku Indigenous Communities in the Brazilian Amazon
Authors: Vasconcellos, Ana Claudia Santiago de
Hallwass, Gustavo
Bezerra, Jaqueline Gato
Aciole, Angélico Nonato Serrão
Meneses, Heloisa Nascimento de Moura
Lima, Marcelo de Oliveira
Jesus, Inacira Maura de
Hacon, Sandra de Souza
Basta, Paulo Cesar
Abstract: Fish serves as the principal source of animal protein for the indigenous people of the Amazon, ensuring their food and nutritional security. However, gold mining causes mercury (Hg) contamination in fish, and consequently increases health risks associated with fish consumption. The aim of this study was to assess the health risk attributed to the consumption of mercury-contaminated fish by Munduruku indigenous communities in the Middle-Tapajós Region. Different fish species were collected in the Sawré Muybu Indigenous Land to determine mercury levels. The health risk assessment was carried out according to the World Health Organization (WHO 2008) methodology and different scenarios were built for counterfactual analysis. Eighty-eight fish specimens from 17 species and four trophic levels were analyzed. Estimates of Hg ingestion indicated that the methylmercury daily intake exceeds the U.S. EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) (2000) reference dose from 3 to 25-fold, and up to 11 times the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization)/WHO (2003) dose recommendation. In all situations analyzed, the risk ratio estimates were above 1.0, meaning that the investigated Munduruku communities are at serious risk of harm as a result of ingestion of mercury-contaminated fish. These results indicate that, at present, fish consumption is not safe for this Munduruku population. This hazardous situation threatens the survival of this indigenous population, their food security, and their culture.
Keywords: Munduruku
Região Amazônica
DeCS: Brasil
Saúde de Populações Indígenas
Índios Sul-Americanos
Infecção por Mercúrio
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: VASCONCELLOS, A.C.S.; HALLWASS, G.; BEZERRA, J.G.; ACIOLE, A.N.S.; MENESES, H.N.M.; LIMA, M.O.; JESUS, I.M.; HACON, S.S.; BASTA, P.C. Health Risk Assessment of Mercury Exposure from Fish Consumption in Munduruku Indigenous Communities in the Brazilian Amazon. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, n. 18, v. 7940, 2021. Disponível em:
ISSN: 1660-4601
Copyright: open access
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