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Title: A alimentação dos índios do Brasil. Sugestões para pesquisas etnográficas
Authors: Baldus, Herbert
Affilliation: N/T
Abstract: Suggestions for ethnographical research on food and food habits of Brazilian Indians are given. Instructions are presented on how to prepare and send plants for identification to the Botany Department of the State of São Paulo, on how to get a list of animals used as food by the Indians, as well as on how to get information on both real and alleged properties of the foods, on how the food is prepared, when it is consumed and by whom, and on practices and rituals involved
DeCS: Brasil
Saúde de Populações Indígenas
Índios Sul-Americanos
Hábitos Alimentares
Plantas Comestíveis
Issue Date: 1950
Publisher: Fundação Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo
Citation: BALDUS, Herbert. A alimentação dos índios do Brasil: Sugestões para pesquisas etnográficas. Sociologia, São Paulo, v. 12, n. 1, p. 44-58, 1950.
Copyright: open access
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