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Title: Reconstructing History: The Amazonian Murá Indians
Authors: Salzano, F.M.
Callegari-Jacques, S.M.
Mestriner, M.A.
Weimer, T.A.
Franco, M.H.L.P.
Schüler, L.
Harada, M.L.
Schneider, H.
Hutz, M.H.
Freitas, M.J.M.
Affilliation: N/T
Abstract: We studied demographic characteristics of two Mura Indian villages. Two-hundred six inhabitants of these villages and another population were tested in relation to 30 blood and 4 saliva genetic systems. These groups exhibit high mobility and exogamy rates and high fertility but relatively low mortality and variance in number of children per woman. Hb J Oxford and albumin Maku were observed, and they show high prevalences of GPT*1 and RH*R1 but low of HP*1 compared to other South American Indians. Four electrophoretic saliva systems are reported here for the first time in a predominantly Amerindian group. The amount of polymorphism was more limited than that found in Caucasian, black, and Oriental populations. The Mura are still predominantly Indian (82%) but have African (11%) and Caucasoid (7%) admixture. Using these values, the putative ancestral Mura gene frequencies were assessed. Problems related to quantitative estimations of admixture and the factors that influence the process are discussed
Keywords: Amazonas
Região Norte
Região Amazônica
Acervo Pessoal
DeCS: Brasil
Saúde de Populações Indígenas
Índios Sul-Americanos
Genética Humana
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Wayne State University Press [University Publisher]
Citation: SALZANO, F.M.; CALLEGARI-JACQUES, S.M.; MESTRINER, M.A.; WEIMER, T.A.; FRANCO, M.H.L.P.; SCHÜLER, L.; HARADA, M.L.; SCHNEIDER, H.; HUTZ, M.H.; FREITAS, M.J.M.. Reconstructing History: The Amazonian Mura Indians. Human Biology, v. 62, n. 5, p. 619-635, 1990
Description: Documento integrante de acervo pessoal doado pelos pesquisadores Ricardo Ventura Santos e Carlos Coimbra Jr
ISSN: 0018-7143
Copyright: open access
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