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Título: Anthropometric studies in Brazilian Cayapo indians
Autor(es): Rocha, F. J. da
Salzano, Francisco M.
Afiliação: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Instituto de Biociências. Departamento de Genética. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Instituto de Biociências. Departamento de Genética. Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil.
Resumo em inglês: Results of 16 measurements and 7 indices obtained from 130 men and 156 women belonging to three populations of Brazilian Indians are reported. For both males and females the averages for stature and head breadth are in the middle of the distribution range of values observed in other South American tribes; those for head length and nasal height are relatively low but the averages for sitting height, calf circumference and minimum frontal breadth are high. As for the indices, in both sexes the cephalic and cephalofacial are medium, the Rohrer, jugomandibularis and facial low, and the nasal high when compared with other tribes. Morphological distances between the three Cayapo populations were estimated using Mahalanobis' D2 statistic; they are smaller than those separating different tribes and are not the expected ones when the demographic variables of these groups and the geographic distances between them are considered. The amount of variability as expressed by the coefficient of variation and the prevailing pattern of sexual dimorphism are similar to those observed in other Indian populations.
Palavras-chave: Kaiapó
DeCS: Brasil
Índios Sul-Americanos
Saúde de Populações Indígenas
Data do documento: 1972
Editor: Wiley
Referência: ROCHA, F. J. da; SALZANO, Francisco M. Anthropometric studies in Brazilian Cayapo indians. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, v. 36, n. 1, p. 95-101, Jan. 1972.
DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.1330360111
ISSN: 0002-9483
Direito autoral: restricted access
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